Beautiful Chaos - Abstract Art Yoga Mat
Beautiful Chaos - Abstract Art Yoga Mat

Beautiful Chaos - Abstract Art Yoga Mat

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In the midst of chaos, beauty forms.

It is a choice to find the beauty in the chaos. Allow yourself to breathe slowly and create something new out of this moment...and hey, now you can do it sitting on this badass yoga mat and support a small business owner at the same time :)

This design was created in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and around the time of the wildfires in Oregon, where we live. We thought of it as a little bit of chaos-art therapy and decided to turn the art into something to share. 

The colors are bright and vibrant and the design has all kinds of cool things to meditate on. Enjoy, and may peace and joy be yours in abundance. 

Our abstract art yoga mats are lightweight, yet durable. Just toss it over your shoulder with the handy carrying strap and you’re on your way. These will be sure to turn some heads and brighten up any room you're in.

  • 24" wide x 70" long x 1/4" thick
  • Includes 1.5" woven polyester carrying strap
  • Design on the front with white on the back
  • Heavy duty, but lightweight at 3.6lbs
  • Latex-free and free of heavy metals

PRO TIP: Combine your yoga mat with a matching tote bag to form the ultimate yogi starter pack. And remember to keep breathing and stick with it, yoga is a marathon, not a sprint.

Original artwork by Ryan J. Rhoades